We have seen great business ideas and

initiatives struggle to maintain longevity and
good public and community relations because of  
a critical failure in understanding the
complexities of PNG culture and how it affects

all facets of doing business in PNG.

We are Papua New Guineans with

cross-cultural expertise of Australia and

Australian business. We advise and assist in:

  • Defining business opportunities;

  • Cultural training;

  • PNG specific branding and advertising.


In a world where investors care about the economic, social and political impact of their
investments, we have seen multinational companies in PNG lose major investors for failing to take into account important factors beyond a good profit margin.

We design for the unique requirements of a

21 st century organisation in the PNG market.

We provide specialist advice in:

  • Human rights and business;

  • Developing opportunity transfer initiatives;

  • Social impact investing.


Building strong foundational relationships

and having on-going dialogue with
stakeholders are key to ease of business in PNG. Not knowing how to effectively
communicate in PNG or who to communicate with, continues to disrupt many foreign
businesses and organisations and results in a loss of profit and investor confidence.

We assist in:

  • Public, private and Government consultation;

  • Mediation;

  • Customary land and community engagement.

Watna is a lawyer who has worked in the Netherlands, Australia, PNG and Nauru. She has worked in international criminal law and international humanitarian law, refugee law and law reform. Watna is a contributor to the Lowy Institute’s Pacific Program, regularly writing articles for the Lowy Interpreter. She is passionate about building sustainable relationships between the Blue Pacific and beyond.

Ali is a successful business man who assists PNG Presence in building community relationships and navigating the PNG bureaucracy.

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